Tuesday, 31 May 2016

How to ballast straight Lego train track

I love the look of ballast and sleepers on Lego train track, it really adds an extra level of detail to any train display. It is however very plate and tile intensive, so it needs to be approached with a budget in mind.

I make my straight section across two green 32x32 baseplates. The track is designed to sit 4 studs from the side of each plate.

I use either Light Grey, Light Bley, Dark grey and Dark Bley to add to the affect.
Step 1: Lay about the plates on your baseplates matching the format exactly as below.The Dark Grey?Bley plates MUST be this colour at the places as shown. The other 1x wide plate can be any colour you like.

Step 2:
Lay down the 2x wide Light Grey/Bley that run the length of the track. the 4x wide plate down the middle can be any colour you want.

Step 3: Place the train track down onto the plates. push it down firmly. I only use the old 9v track because it looks the best.


Step 4: Place Light Grey/Bley 2x4 plate in between the track as in the picture below.

Step 5:  The next step is to place 1x2 Light Grey/Bley plate along the edges of track to fil in the spaces. Then add the 1x4 Reddish Brown tile spaced 1 tile apart. Also add 1x1 round and square plate to look like loose stone.

Step 6:  The final step is to add the 1x1 Reddish Brown tile to finish off the sleepers off.

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